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when unfollowers are instantly replaced


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Fave Pics of Sebastian Stan 6/50

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Hmm, my lack of drawing equals #Art fix results. 10 hours of coloring fun time to finish off @gfillonramos’ commission piece. Thanks for letting me carry out your idea of all of the water #Pokémon starters in their respective evo-hoodies dancing. I always end up adding my own flare to things, so with that said, it had to be a #Breakdance #Cypher. Pun intended. Off to go conquer my liberal studies. Jeez I can lose myself easily. #Crayola #Illustration

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student: coughs
teacher: from all this talking i can assume you're all done with your work


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Look at the way he’s clutching his heart, look at the pain on his face. Maybe he’s been injured physically, but he’s also been hurt emotionally. He’s torn between his loyalty for Garrett and his love for Skye and the rest of the Bus team.

Look at Skye, the way she’s holding onto him, refusing to let him go. Look at the expression on her face - she looks determined and strong. She will not let this man succumb to the darkness of his past. She will show him a way to be better and she will help him be the man she knows he can be. She is literally holding him up, taking his burdens onto her own shoulders and helping him through his torment.

But here’s another interpretation - look at the way her hair is loose and wild and curling kind of like Hydra tentacles. And the look on her face could also be seen as being a touch conniving or evil. Remember that she’s playing Ward too, that she’s just as good at lying as he is. And he is literally kneeling in her shadow - is she the one who hurts him? Does she break his heart? For once, he’s the one vulnerable here and I love that this poster expresses that.  

Deathlok is back, and half his face is in the shadows, but the other half is in the light. He’s teetering on the edge too, just like Ward is. And he’s looming over them, threatening (in the promo for next week, we saw him attack the car Skye was in), but he’s not looking down at them. He’s looking off into the distance, at something else. He’s not the real threat here. He’s also standing next to the SHIELD logo, and that placement isn’t coincidental.

In terms of colors, there’s a lot of red and black here. Red is aggression and anger, but also love and passion. These are the feelings that are going to drive the characters in the next episode. 

And of course, the SHIELD logo in the back. Not Hydra, not the Hydra logo inside the SHIELD logo. Just SHIELD. They’re coming back, bitches. The good guys will win.